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The inclusive Local Economic Development program contributes to three results, stabilization and local Governance, inclusive and sustainable growth, and protection and graduation of the most vulnerable. It has six components and 12 projects. It is to contribute to stability in Somalia by extending state authority and services, promoting local reconciliation and peacebuilding, creating inclusive economic opportunities, and protecting the most vulnerable.

The priority target groups of this project are young people aged 15-25 years, as well as women. This action contributes to objective two of ILED, namely “revitalize and expand the local economy with a focus on livelihood enhancement, job creation, and broad-based inclusive growth, with a particular focus on opportunities for women and youth.” The program further states that “in order to foster stability and sustainable development, it is critical to promote social and economic inclusion and allow for greater participation in democratic governance of women and youth, as well as other excluded and less powerful groups.” The ILED program thus calls for a holistic approach to youth empowerment that focuses on employment and job creation but goes beyond narrow skills and entrepreneurship training by fostering an enabling environment for positive youth development that improves youth lives.

We Come Together To Make Long Lasting Change.

Dalbile Youth Initiative is a socio-economic program that rides on the sole objective of investing Somali youth with skills and resources. Its partnership between EU, UNFPA, iRise Hub, Shaqodoon, YPEER to accelerate the economic development for the youth


The overarching aim of Dalbile Initiative is to invest and empower Somali youth with skills, resources and grant so as to realize their full potentials. With aim of increasing and accelerating the socio-economic opportunities for youth


Dalbile Initiative offers various training and mentorship programs that include Bootcamps, Life Skills and Digital Literacy to inspiring youths who have earlier-stage business idea and receive investment grant in the end.

Our Mentors

I believe that man power is the greatest asset for Somalia, with over 70% of the population being youth, efective approaches for capacity Building & Institutional Development can be a great catalyst to the acceleration of the country’s economy
Mohammed Abdulqadir
Co-founder and Deputy CEO of Irise Hub
DR Abirahman is PHD holder in Educational Specialist with over 8 years of experience in the areas of Education, Research and Humanitarian. Dr Yusuf has extensive knowledge in the areas of planning and execution of Educational programs, Humanitarian programs and Capacity Building. Dr Abdirahman Based in puntland
Facilitator at Irise Hub
An inspiring youth coach with 5 years of experience in youth capacity building , progamme management and business development. She has a bachelor in Logistics and procurement .
Ayyan Khalif
Head of innovation at Irise Hub
Egal has a Master of Science in Computer and Information Engineering. Abdullahi is Certified Associate in Project Management and has 8 experience in mentoring. Egal based in Banadir region.
Certified Associate in Project Management
Head of incubation and MEALat Irise Hub A researcher and ICT enthusiast who has extensive experience and capabilities in mentoring and facilitating workshops around personal development, employability, entrepreneurship, and emerging digital technology areas. He has a bachelor of science and information technology.
Abdifitah Ali
Head of incubation Irise Hub
Community Engagement and executive assistant at Irise Hub Ifrah is a personal development and capacity building expert with over 5 years experience in mentoring youth. She has a bqchwlor in Public administration
Ifrah Noor
Community engagements at Irise Hub
Qamar has Bachelor Degree in psychology and Bachelor's degree in venereology, she has experience in Cooperative, Time management and teaching. Qamar based in Puntland.
Qamar Mohamoud Hussein
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Naima is an entreprenurship coach. She has a degree in business and four years of experience in business development and coaching
Naima Farah
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Mahad has 4 years experience in research and business acceleration programs he also has bachelor in business administration .
Mahad Ali
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Abdirazak has a Bachelor degree in public administration and political science . He has 6 years of teaching and mentoring. Ardofe based in Dhusamareb.
Abdirazak Sheikh Mohamed Ardofe
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Sadam has a Bachelor degree in project Planning & management. Professionally trained in humanitarian sector in operations management. Have worked as mentor and facilitator with diferent agencies on various capacities. Sadam based in South west Somalia.
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Fartun has Bachelor Degree of health Science Department of General Nurse. She has great experience in mentoring, she worked with di International Medical Corps (IMC). Polish Humanitarian Action and Somali Peace line. Fartuun based in Hirshabelle.
Fartun Abdi Sheikh
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Hassan Bachelor degree in Education Arts (Literature) at Kenyan Methodist University. have a great understanding of leadership skills, teaching and managements. Hassan based in Hirshabelle.
Hassan Ibrahim Abiikar
Facilitator at Irise Hub
Sacdiya has Bachelor degree in Public Administration. A zealous and industrious individual with vast experience of working in multicultural context. Possessing proven skills in designing programs. Sacdiya based in Jubbaland.
Sadiyo Hussein Dhallahow
Facilitator at Irise Hub

Dalbile Youth Initiative is a socio-economic program that rides on the sole objective of investing Somali youth with skills and resources. Its partnership between EU, UNFPA, iRise Hub, Shaqodoon, YPEER to accelerate the economic development for the youth.




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