A cleaning company that ofers professionally trained maids who deliver high quality house cleaning services that meet the demands of any homeowner

A start up that works in Environmental sanitation and waste management The company operates waste services facilities across Mogadishu.

Is a start Up designed to supply clean, fresh and quality fish to the community by purchasing from the landing site and provide the product faster to the customers in their destination?

An interior design company in Mogadishu that puts much attention on decorating and designing o ce and home spaces

A start up that produces Jam and Cheese products.

They deal with production of fruits and vegetables that can healthily be consumed

An agro-startup that works cultivation of plants through modern agronomy

Production of diferent high quality and healthy fruits.

A startup that works culture and event design management.

Is a small scale factory which produces sesame oil with high quality to meet the demand of pure sesame oil in the local market.

A startup that works on breeding healthy chicken and the production of high-quality local chicken products.

A small-scale clothing company that works on producing locally made clothes and that are environmentally and weather friendly.

Dalbile Youth Initiative is a socio-economic program that rides on the sole objective of investing Somali youth with skills and resources. Its partnership between EU, UNFPA, iRise Hub, Shaqodoon, YPEER to accelerate the economic development for the youth.



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