Maandhis Vr

Who hasn’t heard of Virtual Reality? What used to be a simple fantasy has now transformed into  one of the biggest technological innovations. Virtual Reality (VR) is a booming market, with renowned companies such as Facebook, HTC and Intel among the biggest investors. The VR  market is forecasted to double every year in the next 3-year period. 

Wearing a VR Headset can teleport you to a completely new world or give you an experience you  can only dream of undergoing in real life. While sets of equipment are already commercially  available for the early adopters of the technology, it has been seeing some resistance to wider adoption mainly because of two reasons: lack of accessibility and an expensive price. 

This is where Maandhis VR’s services lie. Our aim is to make bring VR closer to the general public,  by making it more accessible, both physically and financially. Maandhis VR proposes to provide this through a social space where people can experience VR together. 

Business and Service Offering

We provide social environment and high-end equipment to customers for a limited amount of time. VR is a mystifying and magical technology to most, and it is easy to understand why. It could  be defined as the most immersive piece of technology to have ever been created. Consequently,  

there exists a high wider public demand for trying it out. VR is also a diverse field, with different companies pursuing diverse approaches. Maandhis VR aim is to provide a social experience in a  welcoming and enjoyable environment. 

Mission Statement


"To deliver of an economic and technologically advanced platform for fans and general public to socialize and collectively enjoy their unbounded passion for Virtual Reality"

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