A youth-led startup that’s driving impact on organic waste

My name is Abdirahim Farah Omar, and I am the CEO of ROW company. ROW is an abbreviation for the re-use of organic waste. This entrepreneurship idea is mine, and what inspired me to establish this company is that I have witnessed the problems of wasted foods on the streets and markets in Mogadishu, as well as other garbage that some people throw out on the roads outside their own houses, which I could say it was the sole reason of establishing this company. This idea addresses waste on the streets and marketplaces by cleaning up and recycling discarded foods and other rubbish and turning it into something useful to the community in both urban and rural regions.

What Solutions Are You Offering?

We recycle Wasted food and rubbish into soil nutrients to prevent soil deterioration. As a result of this notion, farmers are encouraged to employ locally created nutrients instead of importing soil nutrient chemicals elsewhere. In addition, this approach promotes eco-friendly practices and clean streets.

The Challenges

My company’s capacity to serve the entire city is severely constrained. It lacks technologies that might make it easier to recycle food waste and trash. In addition, Farmers acceptance of imported commodities and a lack of faith in locally produced nutrients are significant challenges facing our firm.

The Opportunity

Growing awareness of farming and its importance is one of our most extensive opportunities. Green housing in cities is also on the rise, and they’re producing organic foods, which gives us hope that our products will find a market since they’re nourishing for gardens. So far, we have reached many people through our marketing efforts, and we expect that most of the families will have their houses small gardens that they can plant vegetables and fruits for the coming years. 


How Did You Hear Dalbile?

A friend of mine knew my work, so he saw on social media the Bootcamp, a training course of Dalbile, then he shared with me the Dalbile registration form, we were so lucky to qualify and accepted on our request. Dalbile was the reason to overcome the biggest challenge of starting this idea; your training and financial support make my dream something achievable.  

How do you Plan to Scale Up your Startups?

Our goal is to become Somalia’s leading compost supplier, even if we’re still in the early stages. The road from a tiny company concept to a worldwide commercial enterprise isn’t simple for any startup entrepreneur. For expansion, our business is seeking funding, unlike other companies that are virtually entirely dependent on outside help — either in the form of grants or stock. Funding recycling machines, and marketing, are the most common obstacles we are facing. To grow and scale up our firm in the future, we will need a current plan and financial investment from local or worldwide banks. We firmly believe such investment will help our business stay afloat in the market.

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